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Bactronix Corp. is a national science based microbial control company, utilizing advanced products, equipment and highly trained and certified personnel for improved disinfecting and sanitizing of homes and commercial facilities.

Our products and services are grounded in an eco friendly platform that is safe for people, plants and pets. We have developed the Bactronizing Process, which is an antimicrobial treatment program that incorporates FREE TESTING and reports to reduce and control bio-levels and odors where we live, work and play. Our research and development initiative has designed new nanotechnology protocols that service many markets from "Sick Home Syndrome" found in residential markets to the "Superbug Syndrome" found in healthcare, commercial and institutional markets. The "Sick Home Syndrome" in homes is often caused by mold, virus, fungi, algae, bacteria and VOC's (volatile organic compounds). Bactronix is the one stop shop for testing, analyzing, treating and certifying for residential and commercial facilities that are suspected of microbial infestation.

Click here to read or download our brochure about BactroPAC, the portable unit for Bactronizing process that allows the most effective disinfecting method for ventilation system, interior cabin, galleys, lavatories, and cargo space or the aircraft.