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Solair Group serves as representative and distributor of many industry leading corporations. From storage solutions and hand tools to hydraulic testing plants, the company has access to an extensive network of manufacturers that complement our own inhouse capabilities.

Solair can lock in wholesale prices for large orders and beat retailers pricing on small quantities orders. We can also help you cross referencing part numbers and improving delivery times for special order items.

Design, manufacturing and distribution of ground support equipment including tow bars, safety stays, test bench hydraulic equipment, hydraulic plants, engine change kits, tripods and companies patented jacks, etc. Boeing and Airbus official equipment supplier. The specific know-how in engineering and designing and professionals' skills enable the technical solutions to be incorporated in Airbus and Boeing drawings.
Bactronix Corp. is a science based microbial control company, utilizing advanced products, equipment and highly trained and certified personnel for improved disinfecting and sanitizing of homes, commercial facilities and means of transportation. Bactronix's products and services are grounded in an eco friendly platform that is safe for people, plants and pets. Bactronix developed the Bactronizing Process, which is an antimicrobial treatment program that incorporates free testing and reports to reduce and control bio-levels and odors. Learn more...
GE Druck has been manufacturing the finest testing and calibration equipment for years.  Air Data Test Sets (ADTS) are used to calibrate airspeed and aircraft pitot-static systems. The GE Druck ADTS product line is known for being manufactured to the higest industry standards and providing the optimal flexibility for aircraft applications.  GE Druck provides cost-effective ADTS coming in two-channel, three-channel and two simultaneous two-channels options depending on your requirements.
For more than 60 years von Oertzen GmbH of Ammersbek, Germany, has been specializing on water jetting systems for industry and commerce. Being an independent and successful company OERTZEN offers persistent quality products and develops tailor-made solutions for customers and markets.