Understanding The Problem

Microbial contamination thrives on airplanes and can quickly spread viruses and other pathogens around the world at an alarming rate. Unless airlines effectively address this serious on-board safety issue, passengers and crew will continue to become ill, spread disease and delay the return to normal for the airline industry.

The invisible enemy, microorganisms are evolving at an alarming rate are becoming resistant to traditional cleaning products and disinfectants. The use of toxic chemicals have lead to more cross-contamination and the introduction of dangerous biofilm. Biofilm is an armor that protects microorganisms from disinfectants. It is estimated that up to 90% of microbial populations exist in biofilms so unless airlines eliminate biofilm they do little to attack on-board health and safety concerns.

Using the Solutions

The Two-Step Bactronizing Process

1. BACTROKILL PLUS™ Disinfection
The BactroKill Plus is the only environmentally friendly solution that attacks and destroys biofilm and their underlying organisms.

2. BACTROBLOCK™ Protection
Once the biofilm is eliminated, Bactroblock can be applied to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi and alage. Bactroblock allows airlines to slow the proliferation of cross-contamination of dangerous microbes until the next scheduled cabin cleaning.

Delivering The Solutions

BACTROPAC X2™ Advanced Electrostatic Delivery System
The Bactronizing Process uses an electrostatic spray system to provide 100% coverage on all interior surfaces. This BactroPAC unit uses a self-contained battery operated spray system that is designed to improve on and off wing operations. The advanced ergonomic features will increase productivity and reduce cost while providing safer working conditions.