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Solair Group is proud to announce that we now manufacturer a complete line of general aviation Hydraulic Power Units and Test Equipment for virtually every general aviation aircraft on the market including:

  • Bombardier
  • Cessna
  • Dassault
  • Embraer
  • Gulfstream

Every Solair HPU from 5 to 60 gallons per minute is:

  1. Powerful enough to deliver rated pressure and flow throughout test,
  2. Configured to fit your testing practices,
  3. Ruggedly engineered to perform every time you test.

Power determines pressure and flow. With more horsepower than competing units, Solair mules always provide rated pressure AND rated flow throughout testing.


You know your testing practices best. We offer a range of features and let you tell us how best to meet your needs. From basic single system units to diesel powered units to true dual systems with completely independent pump and motor packages and options. The variety of features available means that your HPU will fit your operation.


Solair HPUs are engineered to last, inside and out, so you can count on it to perform test after test, year after year.

  • Inside – Our HPUs incorporate a dual pump package standard. Made up of one charge pump and a main pressure pump, the charge pump ensures a constant supply of fluid to the main pump, preventing cavitations and extending the life of the main pump. Fluid is directed through a custom machined aluminum block manifold.
  • Out – The cabinet is a single welded piece of steel, never riveted. After welding, all cabinets are powder coated to look great and last for years.  

For more info visit: http://jetmacgse.com/jetmac-1006-series-hydraulic-power-units-overview/