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Where We Began

Our company started in 2001 when entrepreneur, Wes Yale, uncovered a need for tool manufacturing and distribution in the global airline industry. He observed that airline mechanics couldn’t get reliable tools quickly enough to fix grounded planes, costing airlines millions of dollars. Wes put his entrepreneurial skills to use and filled that need by creating Solair Group. 


Solair Group’s mission is to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers, employees, and investors by providing quality products and services, a safe and harmonious work environment while remaining competitive in the industry.


Solair Group’s solid vision is to satisfy the needs and expectations of the aerospace industry by providing quality products and services while remaining competitive in the industry.


Our early experience in the aerospace industry proved to our team that the need for specialized tools delivered on time and on budget was far greater than originally discerned.

Seeing the complexities our customers faced in managing a fragmented supply chain convinced us that there was an opportunity for Solair to create real value.  One source of supply for a broad range of equipment and services, delivered quickly at a fair price.

Aviation is proof that given, the will, we have the capacity to achieve the impossible.

Eddie Rickenbacker


Understanding how to anticipate market needs to accommodate fluctuations in customer orders, while still growing as a company demonstrated points in our processes that we consistently had to evolve.

We recognized that to fulfill the expectations set by the industry and maintain our customers’ trust, our business required reliable resources, impeccable manufacturing skills, and a formidable internal infrastructure to ensure success for our customers and our company.

We Focused On Improvement

We know you have a choice in who you trust to provide tools for your airline. We also know that you need us to be at our best. Our goal has always been to be your top of mind trusted partner in the GSE and tool manufacturing, distribution, and repair business.

To achieve this goal, we reassessed how Solair Group met our customers and our industries expectations. We made organizational changes, so we can deliver our very best products and services swiftly and within budget to you, our customers, while meeting or exceeding industry standards.

Solair Group - Customer Service

Producing Results Through Innovative Action

For Solair Group to realize our vision in the aerospace industry, new leadership with extensive corporate experience was tasked with mastering the challenges the airline industry faces in a global economy confronted by resource deficits.

Our leadership team has assessed our customers’ expectations and the effectiveness of Solair teams’ ability to meet and exceed those expectations. 

For Solair Group to become your trusted business partner, we recognize four conditions that our teams need to meet:


Our company is our people: We duly recognize that our customers depend on our employees as partners. When customers call, they want to speak to their trusted contact.

Manufacturing tools to the highest industry standards, surpassing both industry and customer expectations, is the standard we must continue to measure our manufacturing success by.


Delivery lead times are a priority for our customers. Finding creative ways to get tools and equipment to our customers at lightning speed is our priority too.

Our company’s infrastructure must be designed to efficiently manage our internal and external processes, so our teams can unequivocally follow through on promises to our customers.

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Your Trusted Partner

Solair Group is your steadfast, dependable tooling and GSE resource in the aerospace industry. We are dedicated to being the responsive partner you have come to depend on to bring you the tools and GSE that makes doing your job easier.

We’re ready to help. Please let us know how we can. 

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