Load Testing: Structurally Sound Equipment

The structural integrity of the load bearing assemblies your team uses every day is paramount to your ability to safely maintain aircraft. Annual load testing of assemblies, such as bootstraps and hoists, ensures that you can rely on your equipment to support the loads it was designed for.

Scheduling GSE and tooling for load testing is a demanding job. Inevitably, the equipment comes up for annual testing the moment you need it most. You need a facility that you can trust to run the tests, label the work, and return parts to your inventory ASAP.

Realizing that you have Solair as your partner in load testing, you get those parts packed and ready for shipment. It’s a relief to know that you can depend on Solair. We are your partner for load testing.  When we receive equipment for testing, we know we need to move quickly to return it to service. If a part fails, we have the knowledge and expertise to repair or replace the unit as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Process of Load Testing

Once we’ve thoroughly inspected the equipment, we test to validate its structural integrity. If a component breaks, we fix it. In turn, you get equipment that you can feel confident is safe and secure.


Inspect the Part

We begin with a standardized process of inspecting the equipment for obvious structural deficiencies.


Repair the Worn and Broken

We change out cables and fasteners, replacing any pieces that aren’t up to par.


Precision Equals Trust

Once the part has been assessed, and if necessary repaired, we perform a final check to ensure the quality of our work and then load test the tool, labeling the time, date, and place.  

Annually Load Test Equipment

Your crew relies on job-ready equipment to perform their work effectively. Annually load testing equipment ensures stability and confidence in the parts that bear the weight of aircraft engines and systems.

Having Solair as your partner for load testing simplifies the never-ending process of maintaining safe equipment for your team.

Solair Group - Aircraft Jacks

Solair’s Load Testing Process

Standards and procedures, our processes are the guidelines we operate by. Our goal is consistent, repeatable outcomes, so you and your team can trust the equipment you rely on.

Solair Group - Load Testing

1st: We begin with a thorough evaluation

We review equipment, checking it for components that are frayed, damaged, or worn.

2nd: What’s not working? Repair or Replace?

Once we’ve checked over an item to uncover what’s not working, we repair it, replacing broken, worn, or non-functioning pieces.

Solair Group - Repairs
Solair Group - Load Testing

3rd: Test Once, Twice, Three Times

After we reassemble the part, we test it to check our work. Does the part hold 125% of its rated load? Once the load testing has been completed, we label the assembly, returning it to service.

Your Partner in Aircraft Maintenance

Solair Group is your partner in repair and load testing tooling and GSE. We’re here to help.
Call or email us to find out just we can.

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