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Solair is your one stop source for repairing, recertifying, calibrating, and load testing, the array of tooling & GSE your team depends on daily to keep planes in the air.

Load Test

RCL: Repair, Calibrate and Load Test

Our in-house capabilities keep aircraft maintenance and repair work flowing cleanly and quickly.


When we receive a part for repair, we inspect and test the part to uncover defects. Next, we perform a tear down, replacing worn out mechanisms, seals, O-rings, and anything else that isn’t up to par. Then we put the assembly back together again. Finally, we test our work to make sure the repair fixed the problem. If we find something else, we fix that too.

Not sure where to ship? Reach out to us for the location that handles your repair.

Solair Group - Repairs
Solair Group - Gauge Calibration


Gauges lose accuracy over time. Our team has the technical ability to calibrate a wide variety of gauges, ensuring precise, accurate measurement. If we can’t fix a gauge, we will replace it.

Load Testing

Your team depends on many load bearing items to support heavy aircraft components. Our team can load test your equipment to validate its condition, so your team remains safely on the job with equipment that holds its full capacity.

Solair Group - Load Testing

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The Human Factor

Our teams in Miami and Dallas have extensive experience, training, and procedures to ensure the work performed on parts’ repairs, calibration, and load testing are completed with accuracy, precision, and a large does of quality control. We’re manufacturers ourselves. We have the capabilities, skills, and technical know-how to maintain the multitude of items your crew uses to keep aircraft safe and ready for flight. 

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