Aircraft Maintenance Tooling & GSE Service: Repairs, Calibration, Load Testing

Properly maintained tooling and GSE is a sign of a safe and efficient aircraft maintenance program. Our technicians have the training and experience to breathe new life into the equipment your team relies on every day. With the capability to service over 2500 different part numbers, Solair Group is on call to get your maintenance equipment repaired, calibrated, load tested and back in service with minimal down time.

Aviation is the branch of engineering that is least forgiving of mistakes.

Freeman Dyson

The parts that make it possible for mechanics to do their job need regular upkeep. It’s no small task overseeing the multitude of parts and equipment that perform one duty or many. Solair Group understands what you’re up against, and that’s why we make customer service and rapid TATs our priority.

Check Every Box

We sweat the small stuff. At our core, we are manufacturers, so we follow procedures and quality control measures so everything we produce is of consistent, reliable quality.

Solair Group - Services

Takes Years to Design It

We have axle and tripod jacks, fluid dispenses, and HPUs that we design and manufacture.

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Weeks to Build It

We manufacture hard to find tooling to spec. and can design and fabricate custom tooling to solve challenging problems.

Solair Group - Repairs

Seconds to Break It

When parts do break, we have the equipment and expertise to repair, calibrate, and load test.


We thoroughly evaluate and test to uncover the problem, and then we fix it.

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Once a gauge has been assessed, tested, and adjusted, we perform final checks to ensure the quality of our work.

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Load Testing

After assessment, and if necessary, repair, we perform a final check to ensure the quality of our work and load test the tool.

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And a Lifetime to Keep it AirWorthy

Your team needs a resource they can count on when it comes to supporting tooling and GSE repairs, calibrations, and load testing. At Solair, we combine highly personalized service and a strong sense of urgency to earn your trust every day.

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