Leasing: Quick Solutions for GSE & Tooling

Need a part for a specific job? Did a tool break and now you need one for the interim, while it’s in for repair? Short term leases are the solution when maintenance tooling and GSE are needed for a few days or a few weeks.

As an MRO or an airline, various maintenance tasks only need attending once a year, or maybe once in a few years. Why buy maintenance equipment when you can rent it for a week and get the job done?

Our short-term leasing solution allows our customers to take advantage of tools and GSE from our lease pool for seven days or a few weeks to complete the necessary work. It’s a smart way to manage the expense of maintaining aircraft.

Leasing Offers Quick Solutions

Everything Solair manufactures is available for lease. Reach out to us to inquire about the GSE or tooling in our lease pool ready for pick up. We’re constantly monitoring trends in the industry and investing in new equipment for our inventory. 

Solair updates inventory on ILS (The World’s Most Dynamic Aerospace Parts Marketplace | ILSMart) weekly.  All inventory available for purchase is also available for lease.

Solair Group - Leasing

Our Lease Pool

We have a wide range of Solair’s manufactured tooling, HPUs, HPU accessories, jacks, and fluid dispensers available for lease. If a product is not in our lease pool, we’ll pull it from our new production inventory to get you what you need, when you need it.


A Simple Contract

Tell us the equipment you need, and we’ll check our lease pool. Via email, we’ll send you our standard lease contract for review and signature. Our contract outlines the terms and conditions for leasing products, timelines, and product return requirements.


Return When Done

When your work is done, return the product back to us. It’s that simple. We’ll take it in and check it, recertifying the product to return to service.

You count on us to support your GSE & tooling needs.

We’re your partner, and we offer flexibility when it comes to obtaining the tools and GSE your crew needs to optimally maintain aircraft. If we don’t have a part, we’ll build or source it, so you can get that project done.  

Short-Term Lease

Our lease terms start at seven days. If the part is needed for a few days more or a couple of weeks, we can accommodate you.

Our Lease Pool

All of our parts are in serviceable or new condition and are ready to be shipped to your location.  

Lease Instead of Buy

Why buy expensive equipment, when you can buy products that are only used once or twice a year. Our lease pool includes a wide variety of products, including Ram Air Turbine test equipment and HPUs.

Ram air turbine (rats)

Ram air turbines (RATs)

Ram air turbines (RATs) are tested frequently to check proper function. Solair has the flow control unit, hoses, and the ground test motor to perform routine checks


Hydraulic Power Units

Solair also offers hydraulic power units for lease to facilitate the process of testing hydraulic systems on the aircraft. When your mule is in for service, we can lease you ours, so aircraft maintenance is not impacted.

Solair Group has leasing options for maintenance tooling & GSE

As your partner, we’re here to help because we are always looking to make your job easier. Reach out to us when your crew is in need of tooling and GSE for short-term use.

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