Calibration: Repeated, Consistent Measurement

Gauge subcomponents wear out and often require repairs or replacement. Sending in your equipment for regular calibration alleviates the frustration of trying to work without the gauges your team relies on daily.

Overseeing the process of calibrating tools is no small task. . You and your team work diligently to ensure scheduled maintenance is not impacted by the parts that must be removed from service for repair and calibration.

Pulling parts out of circulation, so they can be calibrated before the certification date expires, demands foresight and planning. That’s why you appreciate the consistent and reliable partner you have in Solair. Your job is made easier by our efficient and dependable calibration services. 

The Process of Calibrating a Gauge

We test to find out if a gauge can be fixed, or if it needs to be replaced. Either way, we’ll adjust or repair the instrument. In turn, you get a gauge that provides accurate measurements.


Test to Check

We begin with a standardized process of testing the gauge’s performance, looking to see how well it measures when a specific force is applied.


Assess the Problem

We perform adjustments and repairs on gauges, testing them against our master gauges to establish accuracy and evaluate performance.


Precision Equals Trust

Once the gauge has been assessed, tested, and then adjusted, we perform final checks to ensure the quality of our work.

Annual Calibration of Gauges

Your crew relies on job-ready equipment to perform aircraft maintenance work efficiently. Annually calibrating gauges provides precise measurements, so your crew can effectively perform the standard of maintenance aircraft demand.

Having Solair as your partner for calibration simplifies the never-ending process of keeping your maintenance list up to date.

Solair Group - Load Testing

Solair’s Calibration Process

Standards and procedures, our processes are the guidelines we operate by. We know that our work directly impacts your crew’s ability to successfully perform intricate testing and maintenance.

Solair Group - Gauge Calibration



Using the manufacturer’s specifications, we test gauge readings for precision and accuracy. We use master gauges that have been lab-certified to test measurements on a gauge and achieve the highest accuracy.


What’s not working? Repair or Replace?

Once we’ve checked a gauge to uncover why the pressure isn’t measuring correctly, we decipher the issue. If necessary, we take a gauge apart, and replace non-functioning pieces.

Solair Group - Gauge Repair
solair gauge calibration


Test Once, Twice, Three Times

After calibration, we test our work, again. Does the gauge track with our master gauge? Is the gauge reading within specification? Once a gauge’s accuracy is confirmed, we label it to show the date of testing.

Solair Group is your partner in aircraft maintenance tooling and GSE.

We’re here to help. Call or email us to find out how we can.

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