Manufacturers of Aircraft Tooling & GSE

We are manufacturers, engineers, CNC operators, programmers, carpenters, and electricians.
Metal is our medium; design specifications dictate the equipment we build.

Manufacturing the right tools for your maintenance tasks

Aircraft maintenance tasks require that an MRO or an airline must have the right tools for every bolt, rivet, panel, and system across multiple aircraft platforms. The procurement specialist, the procurement manager, the maintenance manager, and the engineering team are all responsible for acquiring the copious amounts of GSE and tooling your mechanics need to perform the complex testing and specialized maintenance aircraft call for.

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Solair Group Manufactures GSE & Tooling

We’ve manufactured over 3,000 pieces of equipment for airlines and MROs. Our team can produce the right equipment for just about every maintenance task.

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Specialty Parts

Do you need a specialized tool, kit, or instrument? Send us the specs, and we’ll get you a quote to fabricate it. Our team is capable of quick turnarounds when designing and building for custom applications.

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No Specs? No Problem

On occasion, a drawing for the part you need doesn’t exist. The teams at Solair appreciate the opportunity to showcase their skills. We have the know-how and the equipment to design custom tooling and GSE.

Service, Standards, & Quality Are the Commitment we Make to Our Partners

We are a full-service, one stop source for your MRO or airline. We are a licensed manufacturer of Boeing ST Tooling, and we are a distributor for Didsbury hoists and Purge Air carts.

Boeing ST Tooling

Solair is very proud to share that we have an agreement with the Boeing Company for the acquisition of products and services; and we have been granted license rights to use Boeing proprietary data for the sale of products or services in support of Boeing aircraft.

Distributor for Didsbury

Solair is an authorized distributor for Didsbury hoists and Purge Air carts. Didsbury is a recognized name in the aircraft maintenance industry, as they’re known for innovation and quality. Our technicians are certified to repair the products we distribute.

Manufacturing GSE and Tooling is Our Passion

Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, including a Haas UMC750 5 axis CNC mill along with seven other CNC mills and turning centers.  Combining these capabilities with a water jet  and a wide variety of other metalworking equipment, creates the breadth and flexibility to produce complex parts to a high degree of accuracy. What can we add to your tooling inventory?

Manufacturing Engineers

What’s in a tool? Steel, fasteners, welds, heat treatment assembly, and top-quality finishing. Our manufacturing engineers know metal and the other materials required to fabricate the tooling your crew needs to perform daily maintenance tasks.

Faro Arm

CNC Programmers

Technical expertise makes all the difference when a mill cuts metal. Our CNC programmers have this superpower. They speak geek. They develop the programs that make our machines dance.

CNC Operators

With design details understood and programming completed, CNC operators execute the cut, watching over the machine, making sure the specifications are met. After machining, they inspect the work for quality and accuracy.

Solair Group - CNC Operators & Programmers

At Solair, our focus is on your business.

Our job is to make tooling and GSE acquisition a simple process with short lead times backed by incredible service. Find out what we can do for you.

Solair is an independent manufacturer and is not affiliated with Airbus

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