Hydraulic Power Units:

Hydraulic Pressure On Demand

Hydraulic Power Units generate the pressure and flow necessary to perform system maintenance in a convenient, portable, and easy to maintain unit.  With a variety of configurations to meet your needs and budget, Solair’s HPUs are used in civil, business jet and military applications.

Configured to Meet the Most Demanding Applications

With a variety of options, Solair’s HPUs cover a wide range of applications.  Designed to handle either mineral (Red Oil) or phosphate ester (Skydrol) fluids, Solair’s HPUs generate 5 to 60 gallons per minute flow at 3000 psi with both electric and diesel power packages


Single System

units are simplified to offer one pressure source


Dual System

units enable the user to tune the hydraulic flow through two pressure lines utilizing one source of power

Solair Group - Hydraulic Power Unit

Dual Single Systems

these “True Dual” systems contain two independent power sources in a single mobile unit

A Variety of Features and Options to Meet your Needs

Options include static test systems, a variety of power inputs, custom cabinets and more.

Simple, Easy to Maintain Designs

Made in the USA, Solair’s HPUs are designed to be operator friendly with a simple and robust hydraulic system design that can be easily maintained, calibrated and operated.

If service is required, we can come to you.

 On site service or shipping the unit to either of our domestic US based service centers ensures that down time is minimal and system maintenance is completed with a strong focus on rapid TAT

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