Repairs: If It’s Broke, We Fix It

Use, stress, and other demands all take a toll on tooling and GSE. Out of circulation equipment must be fixed FAST. Send us your broken, busted, and expired tools. We'll quote the repair. On approval, we’ll get the equipment back into service ASAP.

Aircraft maintenance is a coordinated effort between teams. Crews of mechanics perform the repairs, and the quality team constantly checks paperwork on equipment, sending parts out that are in need of repairs, calibration, and load testing.

When GSE and tooling are out of circulation, their absence makes the job of maintaining aircraft much more difficult. Let Solair help your team stay ahead of the curve, so tooling and equipment stays in rotation, not out for service.

Solair’s Process for GSE & Tooling Repair

Repairs extend the life of a part, which helps your department stay on budget. Our standard process for repairing a part includes a thorough evaluation of the part, testing for function, replacing what’s worn and broken, testing for stability and accuracy, double checking our repair, and testing again. When we can repair any part we produce. If it’s beyond repair, we’ll let you know immediately.


After a Part is Received

We begin by checking over the GSE or tooling, looking for obvious wear and tear. Next, we test the part to find out what isn’t working.


Quote the Cost

Once we know what’s wrong with the part, our team prices out the repair work, creating a quote. We send the quote to you for review and approval.


Fix & Return a Part

Approved repair work is completed as quickly as possible, so it can be returned to service.

Parts We Repair

Solair performs repairs on multiple types of tooling and GSE. Our facilities have the instrumentation and our team has the knowledge and skill to repair a majority of aircraft maintenance parts. Listed below are examples of the parts we regularly repair.

Gauges and hoses, motors and wheels, not all mules are created equal. Repairing them means replacing and testing all of the pieces, so each one is in good order. Then we validate the precise functionality of the system.

Hoses and O-rings are best replaced before Skydrol spurts on the hangar floor. Send in your fluid dispensers for regular repair to keep oil, hydraulic fluid, and Skydrol in the tank ready for use.

Jacks lift and support the weight of an aircraft. Cracked gauges, leaking hydraulic fluid, corroded pieces, what condition are your jacks in? Maintaining proper functionality of jacks keeps the aircraft securely in place and crews safe.

Cables, straps, and fasteners wear out with the weight they have to bear. Repairing these pieces increases their life and allows safe use for heavy loads. Annual load testing ensures safe use for machinery and crew.

The last thing your crew needs is a hoist that doesn’t retract its cable properly. Have Solair do the repair and let your crew keep their busy maintenance schedule.

Included in Our Standard Repair Process

The repair work we perform on maintenance equipment directly impacts your crew’s ability to complete intricate maintenance and mechanical testing systematically. Repairing equipment that maintains aircraft ensures stability and confidence in the tooling and GSE your crew uses daily.

Having Solair as your partner for repairs simplifies the never-ending process of maintaining equipment, by repairing and then either calibrating or load testing.


Solair Group is your partner in aircraft maintenance tooling & GSE

We’re here to help. Call or email us to find out how we can.

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