Your Aircraft Tooling & GSE Partner

Whether your needs are commercial, corporate, regional or military, Solair Group is your partner for aviation maintenance. We are a full-service supplier for your high-quality tooling and GSE needs. We are a licensed Boeing ST Tooling manufacturer, and we are a licensed distributor for Didsbury Engineering.


That’s why we roll up our sleeves and find solutions for the situations you and your team face every day.

Being a team of busy manufacturers ourselves, we understand how valuable timing is. AOGs are bad for business. Who has time to waste waiting on a tool, or trying to find out when a piece of equipment will be available? So when you need a tool, or are wondering where to get GSE, reach out to us. We’re ready to find a way to get maintenance equipment to you as quickly as possible.

As a responsive and reliable partner for your business, we know you count on us to anticipate your needs. We track trends and implement strategies to support your requirements and expectations. Our highest level of service is matched with the most dependable, quality tooling and GSE we can offer. Ensuring your success in aviation maintenance and repairs is our goal. When you succeed, we succeed. It’s as simple as that.

What are Your Needs?

Do you have a list of tools and GSE that your technicians require?

What’s on your list? Send it to us, and we’ll run the numbers and get you a comprehensive quote ASAP. We’ll follow-up with you once the quote has been sent to see if you have any questions about lead times and pricing.

Concerned about your budget and overall spend?

Planning your maintenance and tooling needs for the year? Want fast answers and a solid quote? Call or email us, and we’ll respond with accurate information about what’s in our stock, the tools and GSE we’ll need to manufacture, and the equipment we can pull from distributors and get to you ASAP.

Do you need tools or equipment repaired or recalibrated?

Call us now regarding any repairs for tools or equipment. We provide repairs, calibration, and load testing. We can also manufacture that hard-to-find tool. When you call, you’ll be pleasantly reassured by our technical repertoire and extensive equipment knowledge.

Our priority is to keep your team focused on aircraft maintenance, so we fabricate the equipment that supports the work you and your team must accomplish–making aircraft safe, so they may return to service.  

Location, Location, Location

We have Two: Miami, Florida and Dallas, Texas

Miami, FL

Miami is the hub of Solair Group’s operations. When you reach out to us, you’ll be connecting to our Miami office. In Miami, we manufacture tooling, provide repairs, calibrate, and load test for GSE . and tooling. Our short-term leasing program is also managed at our Miami location.

Solair Group - Miami, Florida

Dallas, TX

Dallas is our location for manufacturing jacks and light GSE, including fluid dispensers, maintenance stands, and hydraulic power units (HPUs) for business, commercial, and general aviation. Dallas also can handle military applications.

Trusted by the World’s Best Companies


We continuously demonstrate our commitment to excellence as manufacturers of tooling and GSE by adhering to strict quality standards.

Solair Group is AS9100D certified.

We follow industry standards. As a manufacturer of tooling and light GSE, Solair Group fastidiously follows the requirements and standards set by the aerospace / aviation industries, which ensures that our products and services meet industry expectations and are consistent in quality.

Solair Group is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

ISO 9001:2015 certification demonstrates Solair Group’s commitment to accuracy and precision on the tooling and GSE we manufacture. The aerospace / aviation industries demand rigorous and effective implementation of standards in the supply chain.

Aviation Week - MRO Americas 2022

MRO AMERICAS, Dallas, Texas 2022

Join us at Aviation Week, MRO Americas in Dallas, TX, USA on April 26-28. WE'LL BE AT BOOTH NUMBER 7207.

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Marcos Alonso

CFO of Solair Group, LLC

I joined Solair in late 2018, while Scott joined in mid-2019. Our extensive corporate experience allowed us to develop a strategy that would take Solair to the next level. As 2019 closed with a strong finish, Solair was positioned for a promising start to 2020.

In 2020 the industry was already showing early slowdowns when the COVID pandemic took hold in March. As the volume of orders reduced, we took quick action, temporarily adjusting our business model and operating capacity, which allowed Solair to continue serving our customers, while getting ahead of the curve.

When the full impact of the pandemic was evident, the market came to a near full stop. We quickly adjusted our plans, which kept the business operating at expected service levels, while continuing to service our customers. Our investors stepped in and acted, providing resources and support at the right time. All realized the situation required a long term outlook, a “holding power.”

Together with our financial partners, we increased Solair’s efficiency, preparing for the “new market“ to emerge. Constant development with a focus on our customers is how we do business.

Isn’t that the kind of partner you want to work with?

Sergio Molina

Director of Operations

Be Proud of Yourself

My career has been spent working in manufacturing. I like planning and working with numbers. Success has come because different people saw my desire to learn and recognized that I was not afraid to work hard-–to challenge myself to reach for what I wanted. 

Before Scott offered me a position at Solair Group in 2019, I was working for a company that made military products. In just a few years, we had built the plant from 35 to 500 people with government defense contracts and orders that totaled 150 million dollars. 

My entire career has been spent in manufacturing, creating strong, healthy relationships within the company and with customers. My experience has taught me that it’s not about how big the challenge is, it’s about how much you believe in yourself. 

I have my dad to thank for my outlook and mindset about work. He taught me to be proud of work and never be afraid of a challenge. My dad didn’t look at situations as a problem, he looked at them as opportunities. He taught me to do the same. 

I’m Sergio Molina, VP of Operations at Solair Group. We welcome the challenges your business faces. How may I help you today?

Ricardo Sierra

Vice-President of Sales

I joined Solair in January 2021. Scott, Marcos, and I had discussed my taking on the role of VP of Sales in 2020. However, we were in unprecedented times, so we waited until the market stabilized, and then I became a part of the team.

Having made the choice to work for a smaller firm, in a position where my experience would directly impact the company, I was excited to share my expertise and ideas, as well as learn from individuals who had extensive corporate experience.  

Over the many years of working in customer service in various business models and industries, I have learned one very important lesson: True customer service is being the solution to a problem.

No matter the situation, my goal is the same: to maintain the highest level of commitment to and stay in communication with my customers. If a problem happens, I explain it to the customer and share with them the steps taken to deal with the issue. Then, I follow up with them, explaining how the issue will be rectified in the future. 

Regardless of industry, customers remember a business that puts their needs first, seeing contacts as partnerships, not just transactional connections. 

I’m Ricardo Sierra, VP of Sales, and I’m your partner at Solair. 

Scott Cummings

President of Solair Group, LLC.

My career in engineering began a couple of years after I was awarded my degree. The first few years between university and my first “real job” at B/E Aerospace was spent on a boat, learning to be a part of a crew, which gave me valuable insight later in my career. 

After starting at B/E Aerospace as an engineer, I took on larger roles in the company with increasing responsibility. As my positions changed, I noticed that what really got me out of bed in the morning was the opportunity to help others realize their potential and see what they could accomplish by working in concert with one another.  The value that high performing teams, with the right focus and guidance, could create for a business, its customers and our employees.

In 2019, I joined Solair Group. Stepping again into a role as a new leader. Proud to join a business with such a strong value proposition for our industry.  We’ve taken risks, accelerated change, and laid a foundation for the future with one thing in mind – how can we best serve our customer’s needs.

I’m Scott Cummings, President of Solair Group. How may I help you?