Simplifying Inventory Management: How We Help Our Procurement and Maintenance Connections

Keeping aircraft safely flying requires a dedicated group of specialists who carry out the enormous task of overseeing the maintenance tooling and GSE inventory, providing mechanics the equipment they need to fix aircraft.

The Procurement Department, the specialists & managers who source equipment and then keep it repaired, calibrated, & load tested.

Maintenance Managers understand the parts and technical requirements. Maintenance crews rely on them to get the specific tooling that they need to keep maintenance lines moving.

How We Help You

Quick Answers, Short Lead Times, Always There for You Customer Service–that’s how we help you.


Got a List

Great, you have a list of equipment your team needs. Send it to us, and we’ll get you a comprehensive quote.


Budget, Plans, CapEx

Got a project that you need tooling and GSE to complete? Let us know what you’re looking for and your budget, and we’ll get you a quote that hits the mark.


Product Lines For You

Require specific tooling and GSE, but don’t want to buy it? Want to try a different line of products? When you contact us, we’ll work with you to find a solution that fits your crew. 

Call Us to Find OUt

One Stop Shop for You

Your job is paramount to aircraft remaining safely in service. Your job is to put together all of the material requirements that allow mechanics to keep aircraft flying.

Solair Group - Repairs

RCL: Repairs, Calibration and Load Testing

Solair is truly your one stop source for your aircraft maintenance needs. We repair, calibrate and load test the products your crews depend on.

Short Term Leasing

When you need equipment but don’t have the time or budget to invest in it, then look to our leasing pool to fill the need your next project requires.

Solair Group - Leasing
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We adhere to industry standards, demonstrating our commitment to excellence as manufacturers of Tooling and GSE.


We continuously demonstrate our commitment to excellence as manufacturers of tooling and GSE by adhering to strict quality standards.


Quality Management Certification representing the aerospace industry that outlines a quality management system for the unique challenges faced in the industry.

ISO 9001:2015

Quality Management System Certification is based on quality management principles that demonstrates an approach toward continuous improvement in different management principles.

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Our Team Supports Your Team

Customer service is our focus. It’s not just enough to say we’re here, we’re ready to prove it. So when you need us, call us. We’re your partner. We got you!

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