Distributors for Didsbury: Hoists & Purge Air Carts

Solair Group is a distributor for Didsbury Engineering, including their robust hoist systems and Purge Air carts. Our technicians are also certified to repair these products providing convenient support for this world class lifting and handling equipment.

Innovation Meets Practicality

Didsbury Engineering was incorporated in 1941 and is a recognized name in the aerospace industry. As part of the MEL Group, the company has multiple offerings for MROs and airlines. Solair Group is a proud distributor for their hoist and Purge Air cart product lines.

Our team holds certifications for repairing the hoists and Purge Air carts, which makes buying, repairing and recertifying Didsbury equipment a convenient and efficient process.

We also offer Didsbury Engineering products as part of our lease pool, so your crew can test them before purchasing, or lease them when your equipment needs repairs.


Didsbury Engineering Hoists & Purge Air Carts

Quality counts where aircraft maintenance is concerned. The last thing your mechanics need is equipment that doesn’t hold up to the jobs they must complete safely and precisely. 

You’ve tried other hoists, now try Didsbury. These versatile, high quality, hoists are built for ease of use when lifting heavy loads. Didsbury hoists have been designed with proprietary self-tension mechanisms that straightens the cable, so it doesn’t twist inside the casing. Non-bird nesting hoists allow straightforward cable retraction without the need to apply tension. 

Purge Air Carts are powerful forced-air systems that can completely dry fuel tanks in just 8 hours. The breathing apparatus has a built-in communication system, so the operation is handled with the least amount of exposure to dangerous fumes.

Didsbury is a well-known and recognized name in aircraft maintenance. As a distributor, Solair Group offers our customers the option to purchase new products, or we can repair items already in service. 

We Keep Your Crew on Schedule

As your partner in aircraft tooling and GSE, we offer multiple options that keep your aircraft maintenance on track. Learn more by reaching out to see how we can help your crew.

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