Didsbury: Hoist Kits & Purge-Air Carts

Solair Group is proud to offer Didsbury Engineering hoist kits, Purge-Air carts, and ancillary products. Didsbury Engineering has earned their worldwide reputation for innovative Ground Support Equipment that is practical, efficient, and cost effective.

Designed Specifically for Aircraft Maintenance

Providing a wide range of off-the-shelf hoists and an intrinsically safe fuel tank entry system, Purge-Air carts, plus ancillary products, Didsbury Engineering products are designed for the task. They are fully tested and approved by aircraft manufacturers and listed in their tooling equipment manuals (TEMs) and aircraft maintenance manuals (AMMs).


The Power of Didsbury Hoists

Providing the power behind most Didsbury Engineering maintenance systems is a unique, portable, wire rope hoist designed for the safe handling of sensitive equipment. The Standard MINILIFT and Fishpole hoists designed for Airbus and Boeing.


Ancillary Products

Didsbury Engineering’s anciliary products are designed for the removal/installation of A320 landing gears as well as safe support and movement of Airbus Auxiliary Power Units (APUs).

Didsbury purge air cart - Solair Group

Purge-Air Carts

Didsbury Engineering’s Purge-Air is an intrinsically safe fuel tank entry system to allow personnel to safely enter the hazardous environment of the aircraft fuel tank system to carry out maintenance and inspection programs.

Didsbury Engineering Hoist Kits

Light and portable with quick fitting attachments that can be assembled in a variety of configurations to suit specific lifting requirements that are often situated in inaccessible spaces, such as APUs, engines, landing gears, actuators, fairings, doors, ailerons, spoilers, batteries, air conditioning units and electric packs.


Didsbury Offers Hoist Kits for Boeing

Designed for Boeing Aircraft, the Didsbury Fishpole hoist kit is specifically designed for the removal/installation of the APU and is specified in the Boeing AMMs. The fishpole hoist kit is available as a complete kit and can apply to a number of sub-configurations dedicated to aircraft type.


The Standard MINILIFT

The Minilift system supplies the mechanical power for lifting by means of a manually operated winding handle. Two lifting speeds are provided, slow for relatively heavy loads and fast for rapid winding and unwinding of the unloaded cable or for carrying light loads. Can be fitted for air drive assist. Available in load capacity from 127 kgs to 1270 kgs (280 lbs to 2800 lbs).

Ancillary Products

Didsbury - Tripod

4m Steel Tripod with Suction Feet

For use in removal and installation of Airbus A320 Main Landing Gear (MLG) Actuator/Side Stay used in conjunction with A320 MLG Actuator Hoist Kit.


APU Support Frame and Trolley

For the safe support and movement of Airbus A330/A340 Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) used in conjunction with A330/A340 APU Hoist Kit.


APU Stand Base, Cradle and Lift Beam Assembly

For the safe support and movement of the Airbus A380 Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) used in conjunction with A380 APU Hoist Kit.


Air Drive Assembly

The air drive assembly interfaces with the drive dog on the hoist and is only used to lift a load.

Didsbury purge air cart - Solair Group

Didsbury Engineering Purge-Air Carts

Before performing maintenance on an integral fuel tank, all fuel must be emptied from the tank and strict safety procedures must be followed. Fuel vapors must be purged from the tank. When the Purge-Air Systems is positioned alongside the aircraft the container forms the control center for the operation.

Didsbury Engineering Civil Aerospace Solutions

When your crew needs to lift, hold, and clear the air look to Didsbury Engineering solutions for reliable GSE your crew will count on.

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